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GLC ft. Cold Hard – A Gangster’s Nature Video

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GLC A Gangster’s Nature music video featuring Cold Hard, this video/film was shot @ the request of my believers, friends, allies & supporters! As an adolescent I looked up to Chicago’s own “Crucial Conflict!” They inspired me to embrace the land & showed me that you could get on without sacrificing your Chicagoism!

I also loved the latest “Batman” flick so I gave my musical take on the movie & combined my favorite shots! It is my honor to bring you my latest video directed by GLC, taking you through these Gothem City streets in a visually compelling fashion! I give you “A Gangsters Nature”, featuring Cold Hard of Crucial Conflict, produced by K-Salaam & Beatnick! Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas & Happy Holidays from the GOOD folks @ www.GLCityMusic.com Church remains on the move! Love, Life & Loyalty Awaits You!

You download this record off of my GLCityMusic – GLC, DJ FU & Mike Tyson – Respect My Come Up Vol. 1 – Pimp Dilemmas” – GLC.E

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